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SchuyLight Christian Coffee House / 226 N. Liberty St. / P.O. Box 292 / Rushville, Illinois 62681 
email: mail@schuylight.org
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Nearly 10 years ago, a group of local individuals saw a need to provide a place where teenagers could 'hang out'. The town already had several bars where adults congregated, but teenagers seemed to gravitate to the town's square or one of various parking lots along the main streets. Unfortunately, these sites frequently seemed to be places where kids where
pressured into the party scene. There was a lack of adult interactions and not many positive activities to catch teen's

In 2001, a location was acquired and work began on
developing a place for the area's teens that would be both socially relevant and positive in its influence. The SchuyLight Christian Coffeehouse is the result of those efforts. Over the years SchuyLight hasgone through various changes in
personnel and decor, however, the core focus has remained... SchuyLight continues to provide a safe environment where
every teen is accepted and respected.